100+ Women Who Care Donate $14,000 to Door CANcer

Door CANcer has received more than $14,000 from 100+Women Who Care (100WWC) of Northern Door County. Since 1997, Door CANcer has been helping families in the county whose lives are being affected by cancer.

100WWC has a simple format: each quarter, members nominate three nonprofit organizations, and each gives a five-minute presentation and answers questions. After the presentations, members vote for the organization they believe is the most deserving.

April’s 100WWC meeting was only its fifth quarterly meeting, but membership now numbers almost 200. The organization has no employees; volunteers fill all roles. “It’s been fantastic being part of a grassroots giving circle where $100 turns into $14,000+ in an hour!” said Peggy Reineck. “It’s no wonder that the 100 Who Care Alliance – the international organization – is currently the fastest-growing giving circle in the world!”

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