BreakThrough Coaching Service Now Offered in Door County

An executive coach now offers new BreakThrough Coaching Service in Door County. Trouble making important decisions, especially on short notice? If so, an executive coach can help.

Through a Values Blueprint and BreakThrough Discovery Session with Door County Executive Coach you’ll experience what it’s like to move forward with rapid momentum in whatever area of your life or business you want to find clarity.

“Many times, unconscious conflicts among our core values will keep us from fulfilling what’s most important to us in our careers, family lives, relationships, financial health and spiritual growth and personal development,” said Joe Niedzielski, a certified brain-based leadership coach and trainer.

Door County Executive Coach specializes in what Niedzielski calls UnConscious Coaching. “Most coaching issues result from automatic unconscious reactions and patterns which occur before conscious awareness,” he said. “Strangely, though, most coaching models rely on questioning, tasking and analyses and don’t even address the below conscious patterns causing the behavior.”

Niedzielski also offers private one-to-one personal development and business coaching services. Visit for more information about a Values Blueprint and BreakThrough Coaching, or call Joe at 920.333.1514.


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