We Are HOPE, Inc. Staff Receives National and State Certifications

A number of We Are HOPE, Inc. staff members received national and state certifications this year for work in career and employment support services and energy conservation. Cari Wild completed the national Certification for Employment Support Professional (CESP). The CESP program is the first in the nation to create national guidelines to validate and support the training currently provided in the field. The certification program falls under the oversight of the Employment Support Professional Certification Council (ESPCC).

Unlike training programs that provide certification of completion, the CESP certification sets a standard of knowledge and distinguishes employment support professionals who have shown they have the skills and competence to perform the requirements of the job. Cari Wild is a job coach for We Are HOPE, Inc. in Job Development.

Chris Chase, Weatherization Program Manager, and Michael Holey, Energy Auditor, both passed an extensive written exam and field test and received the professional certification of Quality Control Inspector (QCI) hosted by the Building Performance Institute, Inc. Quality Control Inspectors make sure Department of Energy (DOE) funded jobs are completed properly. Also, Forest Jacobs, currently Weatherization Crew Technician, received Basic Energy Auditor certification. This training is provided by the Wisconsin Home Energy Plus Program. These certifications mean the We Are HOPE, Inc. staff now has two Quality Control Inspectors and four Energy Auditors.

“We are very proud of our staff members for their accomplishments this past year. It demonstrates to our clients and the communities we serve that we have the expertise to deliver these valuable services,” said Sandy Duckett, CEO of We Are HOPE, Inc.

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