MDCMC’s Concert Series Opens with Corky Siegel and Friends

Starting on Jan. 15, Ministry Door County Medical Center (MDCMC) will feature a broad range of musical concerts open to the public at the Door County Fire Company in Sturgeon Bay, featuring some of the best blues, jazz, folk and alternative music from national touring artists. All proceeds from the concert will go to support the MDCMC Life Direct Program.

The first concert in the series is Jan. 15 at 7 pm, and features Corky Siegel and The Best of D.C. Friends (Dorothy Scott, Hans Christian and Pat Judy). Join harmonica master Corky Siegel and friends for a night of rock and blues.

Siegel has earned an international reputation as one of the world’s great blues harmonica masters. He is a composer, blues pianist, singer/songwriter, and winner of the Lila Wallace Reader’s Digest Meet the Composer’s national award for chamber music composition and the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Award for Music Composition.

Scott takes a magical stance and melds the music and lyrics into a seamless, living breathing whole. She has flowed effortlessly between genres achieving popularity in pop, folk, blues and alternative. The common bridge is an exquisite vocal style, amazing guitar playing and a gift for discovering the heart of a song.

Christian is a composer, musician, producer and engineer. His work in all of these capacities has been documented on countless recording projects, from his participation as a cellist, bass player and multi-instrumentalist to his collaborations with other artists as a producer and engineer.

Pat Judy. Submitted.

Pat Judy. Submitted.

And don’t forget the guy that will bring it all together on the drums – Pat Judy.

Remaining concerts in the series are Feb. 5 – Peter Mulvey; Feb. 19 – Janet Planet; and March 11 – Sons of the Never Wrong.

Tickets are $15. All concerts are held upstairs at the Door County Fire Company music room. Seating is limited. For reservations and more information, call 920.493.5979.


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