Claudia Scimeca Joins Tweak Team

Claudia Scimeca

Claudia Scimeca

Claudia Scimeca joined Tweak Social Media & Marketing at the beginning of the New Year, adding her talents and expertise to the Tweak Team as it gears up for 2016. Scimeca’s background was originally in the health care industry as a registered nurse and dentist. About eight years ago she became intrigued with incorporating social media into the marketing strategy. She went to seminars, read books and took classes to help her to understand digital marketing. She became self admittedly obsessed with the power of digital marketing and, to satisfy that obsession, started another business called Social Media DDS, which coached dentists and dental professionals on how to use social media to grow their businesses.

Claudia retired from dentistry, put her Social Media DDS persona on a shelf and moved to Egg Harbor with her husband Tony in 2014. Recently, she had the urge to resurrect her social media alter ego and ran into Martha Beller, owner of Tweak, on Twitter and was soon part of the Tweak team.

Scimeca’s role will be geared to sales and customer service, as well as contributing to Tweak’s affiliation with the inbound marketing firm, HubSpot. For more information, visit, follow them on Twitter, or call 920. 256.0712.


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