Winter Fest’s Pie Tin Toss to Benefit Michael Murphy

Sweetie Pies will hold a special fundraiser on Feb. 6 at Fish Creek Winter Festival. This year, proceeds of the popular Pie Tin Toss will go to help cover the health care costs of Michael Murphy, who suffers from a form of leukemia. Murphy is the husband of Sweetie Pies’ founder Susan Croissant.

Susan Croissant and Michael Murphy. Submitted.

Susan Croissant and Michael Murphy. Submitted.

The Pie Tin Toss is a game of skill in which the participant attempts to throw a two-ply pie tin into the wide mouth of a plywood polar bear. One pie tin reaching its goal wins a slice of pie; three tins wins a whole pie. Volunteers and supporters of Sustain Door will man the booth in the big tent from 10 am until 4 pm.



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