1st Assembly District Candidates Talk Job Creaton

Garey Bies


In the next session, jobs are the single most important issue facing the legislature. This past session has found too many of our friends and neighbors out of work. This past session I signed on to several jobs bills and authored a pair that directly targeted jobs in the First Assembly District and Northeast Wisconsin.

I was a supporter of the Republican JOBS Now initiative to get Wisconsinites back to work. Four proposals that form the cornerstone of the Jobs Now initiative were: Assembly Bill 476 – which would direct the State of Wisconsin to develop strategies to prevent businesses from moving to other states; Assembly Bill 477 – which would advance the ability of employers to claim the job tax credit; Assembly Bill 478 – which would end combined reporting; and, Assembly Bill 184 – which would increase the allowable income and franchise tax deduction for businesses.

For the First District, I authored the Shipbuilding Jobs Act, which would allow businesses in the shipbuilding industry to claim payroll tax credits for existing and new employees.

I also authored the Tourism Promotion Act to allow businesses in the hospitality industry to claim a tax credit for out of state advertising.

A third bill I co-authored is the Rural Broadband Act to provide incentives to companies to bring broadband service to rural areas of Wisconsin. Legislation would create jobs with the establishment of the infrastructure as well as serve as an attraction to companies wishing to relocate but need broadband service for their business.

Dick Skare


Job creation in Wisconsin is not simply a discussion for pundits and politicians. As owner of the Cookery Restaurant for 33 years, I know it’s a serious issue that is being talked about around every kitchen table in our community.

As a small business owner with nearly 60 employees, I understand the needs of small businesses and their employees who work hard and take pride in their jobs. When it comes to creating new jobs here at home, I’ve been there, done that, and in Madison I’ll do it again.

Small businesses struggle with the cost of insurance. I want to help them control health care costs by pooling health insurance for small businesses. We can also help businesses by investing in job training so that they have access to a skilled workforce here in Wisconsin. In particular we need workers ready for 21st Century jobs that invest in clean energy solutions that also help us escape our reliance on foreign oil.

We need to make sure that any incentives or tax credits directly reward job creation and are not a handout for businesses that may or may not hire new employees or might ship work out of state or overseas. That’s why we’ve found success with programs like Enterprise Zones, the Small Business Investment Act or the New Market Jobs Credits.

 Wisconsin needs leaders who will focus on growing family-supporting jobs – not politicians who want to reopen tax loopholes for big, out-of-state corporations that dodge Wisconsin taxes by sheltering profits outside of Wisconsin.

My community involvement shows that I am committed to creating jobs and making our home a better place to work and do business. As your state representative, I’m ready to take our values and make sure they are heard and acted upon in Madison.