1st Assembly District Primary Candidate Questionnaire

Terry McNulty

Age: 45

Education: Associate Degree in Aeronautics-Pilot Training; Associate Degree in Public Works Technologies; And Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Relevant experience or civic involvement: Served over 20 years in the Army Reserves (Retired First Sergeant), 5 years on the Village Board in Forestville (President 3 years), 3 years on Southern Door County Schools Board of Education (2 years Treasurer) 2 term Commander of Forestville American Legion, Chairman of Forestville Flag Day committee, A small businessman, Member of Holy Name of Mary Church, and Coached girls little league for 4 years.

What separates you from the other Republican candidates in the primary election, and why do you want to represent the people of the 1st Assembly District?

Experience, with a 14 year established representative stepping away from this position I have been preparing to take the next step in public office. I believe we don’t need any more restrictive regulation and don’t have a hidden agenda. I don’t like some recent legislation and I hope most republicans would agree limited government intervention is the catalyst for prosperity. I believe each individual is responsible for his or her place in life and when I talk about economic development it is one person at a time promoting all the great small businesses we have.

Do you see any way to level the playing field for the state’s equalization aid funding formula that pretty much exempts Door County school districts from state aid that most other districts in the state receive? (For example, the state average amount of aid for both rural and urban school districts is 54 percent; Sevastopol receives 3 percent of its budget from the state and Southern Door receives 19 percent.)

Terry McNulty is the candidate that says funding for our schools is not fair. I carry an example of one such “general school aid distribution.” Also the idea of common core and everyone getting the same education is great but if they are not equally funded having the same resources is unlikely.

We have seen increasing assaults on the environment and local control of environmental resources across the state in the name of doing business. How do we balance industry – such as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, in our region – with the environment?

I support local control and believe it is constitutional for the smaller government always to be able to be more restrictive. We have to be honest about Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations or the big scary CAFO’s and issues being little about the feeding operations. The Department of Natural Resources regulates waste facilities and do have regulations on these large farms. Is everyone following the regulation and being responsible? We all need clean safe water. We all have a part to play and even corporations have a social responsibility and interest to protect our environment so that there is a future.

Partisan bickering and legislative gridlock appears to be the political legacy of our times. If elected, would you vote strictly along party lines or would you assess each piece of legislation and what it could mean to your constituency, no matter which side of the aisle the legislation might have originated?

I am awfully independent and do not accept the status quo. I am also opinionated and what is right is right. If elected it will be my duty to represent all the people of this huge district. I don’t see a great need for a lot more legislation. Our area is diverse and legislation could affect parts of our district differently. The economy is still a priority and getting people to work. Kewaunee County has lost a major employer and revenues across the County. We have to figure out how to help in everyone’s best interest.

What is your opinion about the increasing amount of out-of-state money going to Wisconsin politicians? (It was $4.11 million in 2013, a non-election year, and $17.2 million in 2012.) Have you accepted or would you accept money from an out-of-state contributor?

I have not received any out of state dollars for my campaign and we do have limits on the Assembly and State Senate positions. This question seems more in line with gubernatorial dollars and really the Governor does have interests of the State versus Federal issues. This process has been a learning experience in campaign finance.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for Wisconsin and how would you address it?

The economy is still fragile and the main issue to me. Getting people to work or do something to help themselves. Many of our other issues would be improved if everyone had revenues.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for the 1st Assembly District and how would you address it?

Again, there is a huge disparity in the economies of Door and Kewaunee Counties. Kewaunee County needs help executing their economic development plan, the loss of a major employer of good paying jobs. We have great restaurants, shops and attractions. We have to continue to promote them and encourage more businesses to start for people to help themselves. One of the best things I’ve seen on this campaign is the Door County Buy Local events promoting some of the areas great businesses. I want to promote small businesses and will propose tax breaks for start-ups and new hires.