1st of the Season: Stillwater’s, Patio

This week I had got my first taste of the season of two of my favorite (and most ill-advised) indulgences – a Stillwater’s Chicago style hot dog and a Patio Drive-in soft serve cone.

I started hitting up Stillwater’s last summer, after long ignoring it under the mistaken impression that it was just a place for cheap snacks. How wrong I was!

The dogs (Polish and Italian are also available) come fully loaded with the real Chicago relish, hot peppers, and celery salt. Throw in a side of fries for under $4 and you’ve got one of the best lunch deals around (if not the healthiest).

I can’t really explain the affection for the Patio soft serve. After all, one soft-serve cone doesn’t really differ from another. I think I just like going there, ordering from Connie through the window beneath the rusting shelter.

I like supporting the place because it reminds me of an older Door County, the one I remember growing up, with simple diners like Grandpa’s (Grandma’s?) Grill in Egg Harbor and the Thumb Fun drive-in.

One of these days, I’ll take a shot at the Brat Plate.