2 Poems

Swirling Girl


In my red dress

I watched from the balcony

As cadets swirled girls around the dance floor.


I wondered –

Would I be a swirling girl someday?


In my wondering


He spoke from behind –

His handsome face mesmerized me.

Smiling, he said


You are an angel!

If you were a little older

I’d ask you to be my date.

You would?

I replied.

Yes,    he said,    I would,   indeed.


He kissed my cheek,

smiled, and walked away.


It was then, I knew



I was the swirling girl –





Just Bring It to the Table


Sometimes a poem

      is like a quick

           and easy sauté

sweet and full of flavor

      Taste it

roll it around on your tongue


sweet and savory

don’t worry about the knives

           and forks

just bring it to the table


Chris Holicek lives in Fish Creek with her dog Righley. She enjoys writing, travel, photography, cooking, and having fun with friends and family.