2 Poems

Articles of Faith

When springtime comes
pale green lace will edge cedar branches
the south wind will sing counterpoint to the waves
sunshine will stream thickly through the woods
and songbirds will fill the air with courting calls

These are my articles of faith
during short white January days
when frost glazes window panes
and my world is monochromatic

Hear Me Out, says Snake

So I gave her the apple. Big deal!
He created people in His image,
gave them the free choice He enjoys,
then punished Woman for taking my advice.
But look what he did to me!
Took away my legs, and lovely legs they were,
sexy and muscular with iridescent scales,
Made me slither on my belly
like an overgrown worm.
Made woman my enemy,
screaming and running at my approach,
then calling Man to kill me,
a well-practiced craft for him.