2009 Contest Winners


First Place:  “The Visit” by Gary Jones

Second Place:  “Interstate Clarity” by Joe Gozdowiak

Third Place:  “Vern’s” by R.M. Hunt

Honorable Mention:

“Other People’s Children” by Judy Drew

“Fishing Buddies” by Chuck Gress

“The Dogrunner” by Gary Jones

“After a Death” by John A. Maloney


First Place:  “Miscarriage” by Katie Schnorr

Second Place:  “In Memoriam” by Gary Jones

Third Place:  “Snakes of Summer” by June Nirschl

Honorable Mention:

“Brilliant White Lies” by Anita Beckstrom

“After Reading Lorca” and “Just When You Think There is No One” by Geoff Collins

“Reading Tennyson on the Rock Island” and “When I Learn Spanish” by John Maloney

“The dedication page in Do it yourself books” by Mark McMillen

“This Side of Maiden Rock” by Ralph Murre

“The Tip of the Tongue” by Nancy F. Rafal

“Rhubarb” and “Teacher” by Katie Schnorr


First Place:  “Orchid” by Rena Zaid

Second Place:  Chris Mikow

Third Place:  “Clark Lake Birds” by Rosemary Stuart

Honorable Mention:

“Refletions of Water Lilies” by Heather Harle Frykman

Albert Johnson

Kelly Skahen O’Rourke

Matt Olson

“Coexistence” by Shannon Thielman

Abbie Turner

Of Note:

“Winter Fractals” and Untitled by Heidi Atanasov

Sharon Auberle

“Hand Feeding a Chickadee” by Carrol Fibich

“Water Droplet on Lilac” and “Spring Leaves” by Heather Harle Frykman

“A Very Cold Morning” by Don Gaddes

“Daffodils at Our Window” by Cynthia Johnson

“Roots at Logan Creek” by Wence Martinez

“Coming in to Land” and “Circles in the Snow” by Jim Meldrum

Matt Olson

Kelly Skahen O’Rourke

“Boathouse at Sunset” and “Deer Trail” by Paul Rommelfaenger

John Toennessen

Abbie Turner

“That Time of Day” by Rena Zaid