2009 Hal Grutzmacher Writers’ Exposé and Photography Jubilee

As a child, my parents could not get me to read a book even if they paid me, which is a fact that now makes my dad laugh when I talk about being an English Literature major. I’ll also admit to not totally selling myself on the idea of being a lit major until my third year of college when I took a postmodern literature class and the professor assigned Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions.

Literature can be a powerful force. One piece of writing can change someone’s life, inspire a person, or leave them in awe. Vonnegut did all three for me, and I’m sure many of you can name an author or piece of writing that has somehow inspired or changed you.

The Hal Grutzmacher Writers’ Exposé and Photography Jubilee aims to introduce Pulse readers to writers and artists that while they may not have inspired you just yet, someday will. On the following pages you will come across some writers and artists that you have heard of and some that you have not – all exceptional in their own rights, awing the respective judges.

All artists and writers who submitted work to this year’s contest, even if you do not see their name in this issue, should be congratulated for their talent and willingness to put themselves and their art out there for the public to enjoy.

And, there are many people to thank for their contributions to this years contest, including the poetry and prose judges:  Marilyn Taylor and David McGlynn; the pre-screening committee:  Steve, Marge, Nik, Allison, Sally, and Amanda; and most importantly the writers and artists whose work appears on the following pages.

I hope this issue leaves you in awe of the great writers and artists that have been gracious enough to share their talent with us.

Thank you for reading and enjoy!