2010 Hal Grutzmacher’s Writers’ Exposé & Photography Jubilee

First Place: “Weavers” by Francha Barnard
Second Place: “Delicious” by David Clowers
Third Place: “Coming in from the Snow at Dusk” by Geoff Collins

Honorable Mentions:
“Insomnia” by John Campbell
“Cutting Edges” by David Clowers
“Lying in Late Spring” by Debbie J. Ernie
“Wimbledon, North Dakota” by Debbie J. Ernie
“Thoreau’s Carpenter” by Gary Jones
“Apprehension” by Robert Nordstrom
“Cracked Vessels” by Robert Norstrom
“To Get a Tattoo” by Erica Nottestad
“Between Us” by Chris Orlock
“Unsigned Waitress Part I” by Alice Quinlan

First Place: “Pastry Lesson” by Nancy Rafal
Second Place: “The Missing Piece” by Paul Waldhart
Third Place: “Two Dolls at Auction” by Paul Waldhart

Honorable Mention:
“Unk” by Gary Jones

First Place: “The Stripper for Hong Kong” by Douglas Paul Landwehr
Second Place: “Gunny Sack of Carp” by Mark Hunt
Third Place: “The Bottle” by Rudy Senarighi

First Place: Photography by Richard Purinton
Second Place: Photography by Paul Burton
Third Place: “Ready for Sun and Sand” by Albert M. Johnson

Honorable Mentions:
Photography by Justin D. Hubbard
Photography by Lucas Frykman
“Grasses Abstract” by Mary Ann Rinkleff
“Star Tower” by Tim Erskine

Of Note:
Photography by Joe Chambers
“81-year-old Hard Working Farmer” by Pam Goodlet
“Listening Cows” by Pam Goodlet
Photography by Phoebe Guenzel
“Parisian Rent-A-Bike” by Albert M. Johnson
“At Schmid’s Farm” by David Lyons
Photography by Sandra Podlasek
Photography by Carol Straubel
Photography by Abbie Turner
Photography by Rob Wiener
“In the Mist” by Ellen Witteborg
“Thunderstorm Departs Sherwood Point” by Donald Zdenahlik