2010 Reflections: Living My Dream in Door County

I never wanted to be rich and famous or do something just because I had no other choice. I’ve always hoped to be able to do what I love and for years struggled to find something that would fulfill the writer in me. This year I finally succeeded when I was able to join the awesome staff members here at the Peninsula Pulse. Not only have I been able to let my words flow, but I have also had the opportunity to combine two of my favorite things – writing and music.

There is nothing more thrilling to me than the ability to tinker with descriptions, know about events long before they occur, and have the opportunity to write about upcoming live music shows. While some might say my job is tedious, I find it both exciting and challenging. If you’ve ever looked closely at the Events & Happenings Calendar, you have probably found many tidbits of humor, an activity that called your name, and even a mistake or two (yes, I am human). Best of all, you’ll find my passion for the English language wherever I can include it. Look further and you’ll see my life; whether it’s the tree falling on our house, my mother-in-law finding respite from caring for her parents, the days I play “tourist” and share my experiences in Pulse Picks, reasons for my musical interest, or bands that are sure to please your eardrums.

I consider myself blessed and could not be any more grateful to be part of such an amazing publication. I hope that you will continue to follow me through this journey of life in Door County. You can also read more about my life in the county by visiting my blog,