2012 Election Results

Door County followed the voting trends of the state and the nation last night, going blue for President Barack Obama and U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin but red for Republican incumbents U.S. Representative Reid Ribble and State Assembly Representative Garey Bies.

The country re-elected President Barack Obama to his second term, with just Florida deemed too close to call the day after the election.

With Baldwin capturing 51 percent of the vote, Wisconsin elected its first woman representative to the U.S. Senate. Baldwin is also the first openly gay senator. Baldwin’s victory helped Democrats maintain control of the U.S. Senate, while Republicans maintained control the U.S. House of Representatives. Incumbent Reid Ribble garnered 56 percent of the vote.

Republican State Assembly Representative Garey Bies was re-elected with a margin of about 900 votes over challenger Patrick Veeser. Republicans control both the Wisconsin State Senate and State Assembly.

Voters in the Gibraltar School District passed the school’s recurring revenue limit override referendum with 66.9 percent of the vote, permanently adding $2,875,000 to the amount the school can raise via property taxes.

Below is a breakdown of how the county, state, and nation voted:


National Totals (not including Florida)

Barack Obama 303 Electoral Votes

Mitt Romney 206 Electoral Votes

Door County Totals

Obama/Biden: 52.94%

Romney/Ryan: 45.97%

Third party and write-in candidates: 1.09%

U.S. Senate

State-wide Totals

Tammy Baldwin: 51.5%

Tommy Thompson: 45.9%

Third Party Candidates: 2.6%

Door County Totals

Tammy Baldwin: 51.43%

Tommy Thompson: 45.87%

Third party and write-in candidates: 2.7%

U.S. House of Representatives District 8

District-wide Totals

Reid Ribble: 55.9%

Jamie Wall: 44.1%

Door County Totals

Reid Ribble: 50.25%

Jamie Wall: 49.69%

State Assembly District 1

District-wide Totals

Garey Bies: 51.3%

Patrick Veeser: 48.7%

Door County Totals

Garey Bies: 52.77%

Patrick Veeser: 47.18%

Other Door County results

District Attorney

Raymond Pelrine

County Clerk

Jill Lau


Jay Zahn

Register of Deeds

Carey Petersilka

Gibraltar Referendum

Passed with 66.92%