2012 – Looking Back, Looking Forward

At the end of every year, the Peninsula Pulse looks back at the events and people that have shaped the last 12 months. An exercise in nostalgia, the Pulse staff flips through the year’s issues to pull highlights from articles that made an impact on the County of Door. 2012’s highlights, presented in the pages ahead, brought some surprises and some monumental feats. We lost some friends and found some new ones. Our small community continued to find ways to take care of each other, come together in the face of tragedy, celebrate life’s triumphs and work together to make tomorrow better.

It has been an interesting and exciting year inside the walls of the Pulse office. Four familiar faces – Myles Dannhausen Jr., Dan Eggert, Nik Garvoille and Allison Vroman – have stepped out of our door and moved on to new opportunities. These four helped to build the Pulse into what it is today and we owe them our sincerest thanks. They all had high expectations of themselves, the Pulse and our community, and they always will be family to us.

Some new faces, meanwhile – Len Villano, Ryan Miller, Alissa Ehmke, Matt Ledger and Carol Thompson – have stepped in and already made an impact. Their energy, creativity and professionalism are our future. They join a staff of Pulse people that are proud to be a part of and serve the Door County community.

We are all looking forward to recording the events of 2013. It is difficult to predict what the next year will bring, but one certainty is that our community will find ways to laugh and celebrate together in one form or another.

We are grateful to you, our readers, and our community. Thank you for reading and all the best to you and yours for 2013!