2013 Budget Approved

Welcome to “Notes from the Grove” providing information about Liberty Grove Town government to residents and visitors.

• The hearing for the proposed 2013 Liberty Grove Town Budget was attended by six town residents.

Resolution 6-12 was approved to adopt the 2012 Tax Levy payable in 2013 of $1,618,088, which included the unused portion of the 2011 levy. Included in the resolution was the adoption of $6,100 for the Liberty Grove Utility District.

Resolution 7-12 adopted the total highway expenditures of $1,188,719.18.

Following the Special Town Meeting, which voted to approve the 2012 levy and 2012 highway expenditures, the board met in special session and approved the 2013 budget.

It should be noted that expenditures of budgeted items do not automatically occur but require the board to approve those expenditures during the course of the upcoming year.

The budget is posted on the town website.

• At its regular meeting on November 7 the board approved the commercial and health care insurance carrier for 2013. It also received an update from Supervisors Tidball and Shumway on the proposed marketing coordinator for Door North. $20,000 has been earmarked from the room tax revenue the town receives to help pay for that position.

• Ann Miller presented an update on the kiosk costs and locations for the Door County Coastal Byway Interpretive Plan. Proposed locations of the kiosks are near Koepsels Farm Market on Highway 57, Port des Morts Town Park and along Highway 42 near the Liberty Grove Historical Society. The board discussed pictures of the proposed kiosks, as well as costs. Information on the Door County Coastal Byway may be found on their website.

• The IT Committee has set its primary goal for 2013 as ways to provide high speed internet to all areas of the town. They plan to continue discussions with internet providers and look at various alternates or additional possibilities.

• The Economic Sustainability Committee will develop a model response for inquiries from prospective businesses wishing to relocate or start a new business in Liberty Grove. The key elements are the availability of high speed internet, possible locations and what type of incentives the town might be able and willing to offer. Discussion also centered on how to process prospective inquires.