2013 Door County Marketing Plan Released Nov. 13

The Door County Visitor Bureau will release its 2013 marketing plan on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

“The 2013 marketing plan will blend good solid work strategies of the past with new opportunities and ideas,” said Jack Moneypenny, president of the Door County Visitor Bureau. “We believe we’ve put together a solid, integrated media plan for Door County.”

The plan will use traditional media, like print advertisements, and new electronic media.

Moneypenny said the marketing plan will include micro-websites that provide information for particular groups of tourists, like the site that targets motorcycle riders.

He expects the marketing plan will allow the visitor bureau to add one to three more micro-websites in 2013.

“We’re very excited about this plan,” Moneypenny said. “We think there’s a lot of great opportunities in the plan as well as established things that have worked for us.”