2014 Budget Hearing Set for Nov. 18

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing information about Liberty Grove town government to residents and visitors.

• The board voted to allow Bay View Resort to use the Ellison Bay Marina to offload a gate that will be placed across the entrance to their docking area. The resort is installing the gate to prevent damage to craft when storms create heavy wave action within the docking area. Parks and property will discuss a policy for such use in the future after the town marina is updated.

• The sewer/holding tank/septage rates established by the Town Utility District was approved by the board. Information on the rates is available at the town office and on the town website.

• The board received a report on the Oct. 12 DNR meeting held in Cleveland, Wis., regarding salmon stocking. The DNR uses a formula it has developed to determine where the stocking takes place and the amount of fingerlings that are released. A total of 24,771 are currently scheduled to be released in Northern Door County. A letter has been sent to DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp on behalf of the town board requesting consideration of stocking in Gills Rock all of the allotment since no charter and/or commercial fishing is located in Ellison Bay.

• The 2014 budget hearing, special town meeting to set the 2013 levy and special board meeting to adopt the 2014 budget has been scheduled for Nov. 18 beginning at 6 pm in the town hall.

• The board authorized administrator Kalms to send a letter of support for a conditional use permit for an addition to a building at 1096 Wagon Trail Circle. The plan commission had requested the board to do so.

• A reminder from the Wisconsin Towns Association October magazine: golf carts, ATVs and UTVs are only allowed on public highways if the local government has an ordinance specifying where and has proper signage in place.

• From records of Aug. 22, 1951: “The board after due consideration agreed that the town officers should receive a raise in salary. Chairman – $310/year, supervisors – $50/year plus meetings.”