2014 Hal Prize Photography Winners

First Place:

Photography by Sadie Weber

Judge’s comments: What I liked about this image is exactly what I look for when photographing:  an interesting subject, strong composition and great light. This image has all three. The water line leads you into the photo and with the mountain range in the background produces a three-dimensional look to a two-dimensional image. The boat adds a little interest and the human element. And the light is perfect.  Len Villano

Second Place

“Rolled Out” by Steven Stanger

Judge’s comments: This image is a great example of how as long as you have great light you can still have a great image. Being an abstract we’re not quite sure what the subject is. Composition is good but it’s the light (and shadow) that really makes the image. Intriguing because it’s not how we would normally see our surroundings, but by isolating the details in a relatively small section creates an interesting and striking image. Len Villano

Third Place:

“China Girl” by Sarah Ann Winn

Judge’s comments: Nice light, appropriate composition and an interesting subject. Showing just enough information in the silhouette of the little girl we can see that she is using her phone/camera. Is she inspired by the display to take a photo of her own or is she indifferent to her surroundings and finds more interest in her phone. I would guess she is overwhelmed by her surroundings. I like the reflections in the mirror that add depth and a peek into what the rest of the space looks like. Also the reflections in the floor and her being caught mid-stride, which adds some movement to an otherwise static image. Len Villano

Honorable Mentions:

Notable Photography:

About the judges:

Len Villano, headshot
Photo by Len Villano

Photography Director for the Peninsula Pulse and Door County Living Len Villano is also an artist, musician, recording engineer and producer, who left a promising career in architecture years ago to devote his life to capturing the beauty of nature on film.

Kelly Avenson, owner and photographer at Avenson Photography (located on Third Avenue in downtown Sturgeon Bay), specializes in real life and portraiture photography. Her work can be found in the pages of the Door County Advocate, the walls of Greco Gallery “an artistic boutique,” and many homes throughout the county, state and country. She was honored to be chosen for the Art of Photography Show in San Diego in 2010 along with being published in Budget Travel Magazine, National Geographic Kids and other publications throughout the country.