2016 Hal Prize Winners Announced

Each fall, the Peninsula Pulse invites people of all ages, backgrounds and artistic abilities to submit stories, photographs and poems for a chance to be published in our annual Hal Prize literary and photography issue. The Hal Prize is held in the spirit of the late Hal Grutzmacher, a professor and Door County bookstore owner, by offering commentary and encouragement to promising writers and photographers.

With the help of our judges, authors Jerry Apps, Oliver de la Paz and Nicole Helget, and photographer Wing Young Huie, we are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Hal Prize. Copies of the issue are on newsstands now and a digital version can be accessed here.


First Place: “Native American Portrait” by Guntis Lauzums

Second Place: “Joy” by David Bueschel

Third Place: “Josef and Polyphemus Moth” by Timothy Borski


Honorable Mentions:

“Cherry Blossoms” by Laura Joeckel

“77 Years in Key West” by Thomas Jordan

“Snow Fairies on Break” by Mary Ann Rinkleff

“Tree, Whitefish Dunes” by Donald Zdenahlik



“Crab Spider with Prey” by Timothy Borski

“Bald Eagle Bad Hair Day” by Carlyle Chan

“Scripps Pier” by Carlyle Chan

“Blue Dawn” by Laura Joeckel

“Young Monks” by Laura Joeckel

“AntiqTes” by David Renier

“Jacksonport Storm” by Nona Seaver

“The Deli” by Arlene Stanger

“Where Everyone Knows Your Name” by Arlene Stanger

“Blocked Shot” by Susan Ulm



First Place: “Blazon” by Julie Gonnering Lein

Second Place: “Delicate Lesson” by Sylvia Cavanaugh

Third Place: “Star Light, Star Bright” by Paula Schulz


Honorable Mentions:

“Roller Skating is Life” by Justin Krishka

“Mailboxes in February” by Bobbie Lovell

“On That Night In Late September” by Andrea Potos

“Also the Acorns, the Avocados” by Julie Gonnering Lein

“At the Uzbek Restaurant on the Ishim River” by Timothy Walsh

“Birds and the Hereafter” by Timothy Walsh



First Place: “The Hunt” by Scott Winkler

Second Place: “Keeping Things Whole” by Justin Krishka

Third Place: “Another Thing to Fall” by Morgan Peters


Honorable Mentions:

“A Matched Indifference” by Greg Venne

“Grandpa’s Lesson” by Tim Riekena



First Place: “Pay Back” by Harvey Silverman

Second Place: “To Arvid” by John Koski

Third Place: “Crash” by Laurin Bellg


Honorable Mentions:

“A Moving Matinee” by Justin Krishka

“Afraid of Snakes” by Laurin Bellg

“Life in the Crapper” by Jill Zima Borski


With the closing of the 2016 Hal Prize comes the call for entries for the 2017 contest! For more information, visit

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