2023 Door County Short Film Fest Schedule

This year’s short-film festival will be held Feb. 17-18 at Northern Sky’s Gould Theater, 9058 Cty A in Fish Creek. Purchase tickets ($25 for a weekend pass) at or at the door. 

Friday, Feb. 17, 7 pm 

Feature film: All Who Wander, directed by Daniel Gartzke, Joshua Murphy and Mark Dexter

Saturday, Feb. 18

1-2:30 pm

• Junkin’, directed by Andy Heck

• Gentleman by Amelia Ford, directed by Moriah Koehler

• Kiss ’n’ Ride, directed by Olivia Jensen

• Quiet Your Mind, directed by Jason C. Brown

• Wisconsin Life: Las Chicas y Chicos de Blossom Street, directed by Steven Dorchester

• The Family We Chose, directed by Justin and Kristin Schaack

• Dangun, directed by Crestwood fourth- and fifth-graders

• Iggy, directed by Anthony Cuomo

• Dairyland, directed by Taylor C. Pipes

2:45-4:15 pm

• Unspoken, directed by Joseph R. Lefeber

• Bare Metal, directed by Brandon Robert Gries, Ryan Freng and John Shoemaker

• The Little Alien Speaks, directed by Earl Martin

• Friday Night Blind, directed by Scott Krahn and Robb Fischer

• Elevator, directed by Freddy Moyano

• Season’s Greetin’s, directed by Owen Imgrund

4:30-5:50 pm

• Mystery by Will Keizer, directed by Moriah Koehler

• The Rose of Sharon, directed by Jordan Schroeter

• Widow Maker, directed by Jesse Wilson

• Blossom and the Decrepit Man, directed by Tim Schwagel

• The 500 Project, directed by Ryan DuggerFeature film: Confessions of a Sailor, directed by Kurt Krauss

6-7:30 pm

Feature film: Confessions of a Sailor, directed by Kurt Krauss

7:30-8 pm

Filmmaker Q&A and award ceremony.

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