205 Coded Salmon Recorded in Gills Rock

Nick Legler, a Sturgeon Bay-based fisheries specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, recently reported what was found through the voluntary Chinook salmon snout collection in Gills Rock in 2015.

A total of 205 coded wire tags were recovered from Chinook salmon snouts that were voluntarily collected in Gills Rock last year. These samples were collected from June 7, 2015 to Sept. 13, 2015.

A total of 112 (or 55 percent) were from sport anglers, 81 (40 percent) were from charter anglers, and 12 (6 percent) were from unidentified anglers.

The smallest and largest recorded fish were 10.10 inches and 38.25 inches with an average of 28.28 inches.

One of the salmon was from the 2011 year class (a 4-year-old), 91 (44 percent) were from the 2012 year class (3 year olds), 103 (50 percent) were from the 2013 year class (2 year olds), and 10 (5 percent) were from the 2014 year class (1 year olds).

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