Article posted Thursday, July 2, 2009 3:36pm

Dear Mary Pat,

I am concerned about my friend. She is taking the death of Michael Jackson a little too hard. She has been crying and carrying on about her “idol’s” death. I don’t think she got this upset when her dog was hit by a car and killed. Why is she acting so crazy?


Now My Friend’s Wacko Too

Fish Creek, WI

Dear Now My Friend’s Wacko Too,

I wish I had an answer that made some sense. The truth is, I have no idea. I knew everyone was going to go overboard with this, but that doesn’t mean that I understand why. My response has been to turn the channel when any hour-long news specials come on or any sort of video marathon. Do I think he was talented? Yes. Do I think he was insane? Out of his mind nutter. That’s my opinion. Unfortunately, his Looney Tunes behavior spoiled his music for me in more recent years. If this would have happened when I was in grade school, I’m sure my Thriller album cover would have been tear streaked, and my friends and I would have been able to speak of nothing else. As it stands, I hope (rather than believe) that this will be short lived. Actually, my biggest hope is that the autopsy is conclusive and the results are given quickly. If not, it will be nearly impossible to avoid total inundation of Michael mania and conspiracy theories times one million. Also, if I could avoid seeing LaToya on my television set/computer screen, that would be an added bonus.

As far as your friend, my advice is to monitor her. I would give her until after the funeral (total spectacle I’m sure, but at least your friend won’t be alone in her grief) to get back to normal. If she still shows signs of obsessing after that, she may want to seek professional help.

Good luck,

Mary Pat