30 Years of Peninsula Symphonic Band

The Peninsula Symphonic Band recently received the work it had commissioned in honor of its 30th anniversary and the one that will receive its world premiere Nov. 10 as part of the band’s annual Veteran’s Day concert.

Renowned composer Randall Standridge wrote the approximately seven-minute piece, titled “Homeward Shores,” which evokes a lighthouse at dawn, sailors setting out on the water, the turbulence they encounter and their safe return to the shore under the lighthouse’s guidance.

“It is really thrilling to be rehearsing a work that was written specifically for the Peninsula Symphonic Band,” music director Jason Palmer said. “It is a fairly difficult piece with changing meters. I believe the audience will be in awe of both the music and the band’s performance.”

An adoring band fan and memorial contributions honoring past band members underwrote the commission. Find out more at

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