40-Inch Gong at Studio 330 Concert

Door County-based musician Hans Christian is offering a gong concert at Studio 330 in Sturgeon Bay on March 21, 7 pm, as part of a Midwest tour of healing arts centers and yoga studios. Titled “Sonic Immersion,” the concert will be performed on six Chinese gongs and two Tibetan bowls. Christian calls this type of event source music, or as he puts it, “music that emerges from randomness into structure and takes the listener on a meditative journey.”

The main gong used for this concert is a 40-inch Atlantis gong that weighs more than 50 pounds and has an extended dynamic range. Augmenting this magnificent instrument are 32-, 28-, 22- and two 20-inch Atlantis gongs. By using different types of mallets to strike, rub and mute the gongs, a wide variety of tonal expressions can be generated.

“A gong concert is a complete immersion into sound,” said Christian. “The listener should be in a very comfortable position, either lying down or leaning back, to absorb the vibrations of the performance. This is a deep listening experience of the highest order.”

Casual wear recommended. Yoga mats and blankets are welcome. This concert is not suitable for children younger than 12. The suggested donation is $20 per person. Christian will also play cello March 18 at Ironwood Yoga in Sister Bay. For more information or to make reservations visit Studio 330 is located at 330 N. Third Ave, Sturgeon Bay.


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