4H Awards Announced

The annual Speaking Contest sponsored by the Door County 4-H program was held March 12 at the Door County Government Center. Participants competed in one of three categories: traditional speech, demonstration or interpretive reading of prose or poetry. Cash prizes sponsored by the Door County 4-H Adult Leaders Board were awarded to the top youth in each category.

Results were as follows:

• Cloverbud Division (kindergarten through 2nd grade)

Interpretive Reading

1st Place: Loren Whitmore, St. Peters Lutheran School

2nd Place (tie): Nathaniel Guilette, Maplewood Missiles 4-H; Clay Nellis, Maplewood Missiles 4-H


1st Place: Grant Englebert, Shining Stars 4-H

2nd Place: Desirae Guilette, Maplewood Missiles 4-H

• Junior Division (grades 3-5)

Interpretive Reading

1st Place (tie): Grace Englebert, Shining Stars 4-H; Matthew Frea, East Maplewood Beavers 4-H

2nd Place: Emily Guilette, Maplewood Missiles 4-H

• Intermediate Division (grades 6-8)

Interpretive Reading

1st Place (tie): Isabeau Hitzman, Lake Viewers 4-H; Rachel Miller, T.J. Walker Middle School

2nd Place: Matti Sperber-Motquin, East Maplewood Beavers 4-H

3rd Place: Hailey Benesh, T.J. Walker Middle School

4th Place: John Denil, T.J. Walker Middle School

Traditional Speech

1st Place: Julia Englebert, Shining Stars 4-H


1st Place: Josh Augustson, T.J. Walker Middle School

• Senior Division (grades 9-12)

Interpretive Reading

1st Place (tie): Michi Gustafson, Maplewood Missiles 4-H

2nd Place: Emma Hitzman, Lake Viewers 4-H

Traditional Speech:

1st Place: Crystal Drager, Shining Stars 4-H