$5.7 Million Available for Wetland Mitigation Projects

Conservation groups, private landowners and government organizations are encouraged to apply for a share of $5.7 million from the Wisconsin Wetland Conservation Trust available to complete wetland mitigation projects. Proposals for the current round of funding are due Dec. 14 and can be used to cover all aspects of restoration including land purchases, site construction and long-term maintenance and monitoring. “We look forward to working with new partners to restore wetland functions and ecosystem services that will benefit local watersheds and communities alike,” said Tom Pearce, WWCT project manager for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

More than $2 million of this funding comes from Foxconn as its required payment into the WWCT for mitigating wetlands at a 2:1 acre ratio. This portion of the funding will be targeted to mitigation projects in southeast Wisconsin, specifically the Upper Illinois service area and the Southwestern Lake Michigan service area.

Created in 2014, the WWCT allows for the purchase of wetland mitigation credits as specified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Wisconsin DNR wetland permits. The funds generated from credit sales then help offset the cost of wetland restoration projects. Funds are awarded to applicants through a competitive request for proposal, or RFP process. The DNR administers the funding program.

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Josh Brown at 608.266.1902 or [email protected], to discuss possible projects. Additional information can be found by visiting the DNR website,, and searching “WWCT.”

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