5 Alternatives to Air Conditioning in the Humid Wisconsin Weather

1. The answer to a hot, humid day? Cool dip. Door County’s surrounded by water, so take advantage of it! The water on the bayside has reached a positively perfect temperature, and there’s a wide range of places to go splish-splashing around (Egg Harbor beach, Fish Creek beach, and Nicolet Bay Beach, to name a few).

2. Drive over to Baileys Harbor, where it’s 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the county. Visit the Ridges Sanctuary, and traipse about on some great trails, all the while viewing unique plant life. If it just so happens you work up a sweat there, cross the street to Baileys Harbor beach or journey down the road a little ways to Toft’s Point. It’s lake Michigan, mind you, so remember that means the water is cooler, too!

3. Hang out in shade. This can mean going for a hike in one of the state parks, as the forest is a cool, breezy place to be.

4. Ice cream. Sweaty on the outside, cool on the inside. Visit Wilson’s in Ephraim, where the sundaes are large and guaranteed to lower your body temperature. You can’t beat the location, either, as the breeze sweeps across the bay.

5. Get comfy with a good book and a box fan. Put it on high, trained directly on your person, and don’t move.