Article posted Thursday, August 16, 2012 12:32pm

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors with tid bits of information about goings on in Town Government.

• The town is waiting for the final Statement of Changes in Equalized Values by Class and Item from the Department of Revenue. The preliminary report from the state indicated that total equalized value of residential land and improvements has increased by approximately six percent, which would bring the 2012 equalized value to $948,786,600. Commercial land and improvements increased by 12 percent, which would result in an equalized value for 2012 of $71,510,500. Preliminary totals for all real estate (includes agricultural and undeveloped forest) is estimated to be $1,032,936,700.00 for a 6 percent increase.

• The Finance Committee has recommended to the board that Room Tax Revenues be segregated into a separate account to be utilized for tourism related expenses. Currently, the tax money is placed in the General Fund to offset various expenditures. The fireworks display for Olde Ellison Bay Days and the Gill Rock fireworks have been partially funded through room tax revenue.

• The town has received requests from Door County North and others to help offset their expenses for attracting tourists to Liberty Grove and to enjoy what the town has to offer. Finance also recommended that all future requests be presented to the town by September 30 each year. Finance would then review the requests as part of the budgeting process for the coming year and make their recommendation to the board. Details may be obtained by contacting treasurer Janet Johnson.

• Schenck SC was selected by the Finance Committee to due an audit of fund financial statements and report on internal controls. The cost of the audit will be $6,500. That recommendation has been sent to the board.

• The annual Board of Review has been scheduled for August 29, 2012 starting at 1 pm. Residents are reminded that if they wish to be heard at the Board of Review they must notify the town office at least 48 hours in advance of the review. Notice can be either written or oral (written preferred) and in the case of an oral request, be specific when making the request. (Don’t just ask questions about the Board of Review, specifically say that you wish to appear before the board.) Formal objections forms can be downloaded from the town’s website under “Forms & Permits” or from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s website.