Article posted Wednesday, February 5, 2014 3:19pm

Dear Mary Pat,

Last night the neighbor’s kids were throwing snowballs at our window. How rude! I closed the blinds and they stopped, but I’m still upset. Should I say something to the parents, call the cops, or just ignore the situation and chuck it up to ‘kids being kids’?

They Ain’t No Snow Angels

Gills Rock, WI

Dear They Ain’t No Snow Angels,

How old were the little ruffians? I think this is totally rude as well and not the brightest move. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to attack one’s next-door neighbor when one can easily be identified.

Maybe this winter is making us all a little crazy. With this bleak weather, even I might have been tempted to form some snow (or ice) balls and pelt the little darlings to give them a taste of their medicine. However, as adults we need to set a better example.

Perhaps they didn’t realize you were home since they stopped when you closed the blinds. I would let this one slide since no damage was done (except of course the worry of how this generation is the future). If it happens again, go to their parents and just say that you are worried they might break a window or freeze their precious little fingers. What a pity that would be.

Good luck,

Mary Pat