Article posted Wednesday, May 14, 2014 3:40pm

Dear Mary Pat,

My husband is on a calorie-counting diet and it’s driving me crazy. He’s doing well, he’s losing weight, but now he’s scrutinizing everything I eat.

“Sue, you know there’s over 300 calories in that bowl of ice cream you’re eating?”

“Yes, dear. But it’s a little treat that I indulge in just a few times a month. I think I’ll be okay.”

“Sue, Pop-Tarts have way more calories than say, a piece of toast.”

“Yes, dear. But I’m in a rush and sometimes I just want a sugary, buttery Pop-Tart to start my day!”

I hate eating in front of him. I hate that he prepares his own meals – steamed vegetables and bland chicken breasts – while I’m left to feel guilty about eating a nice dish of pasta.

What do I do? I’m ready to spike all his food with calories out of spite.

Susie Spiteful

Sturgeon Bay, WI

Dear Susie,

You’re ready to spike his food? Seriously? That seems like a lot of effort…why don’t you just adjust his scale? Quicker and guaranteed to throw him off his game. Wait, that’s not the answer either – very petty and immature. You’ll have to approach this like an adult, unfortunately.

I agree with your husband that Pop-Tarts aren’t a great way to start your day, but he is going to have to ease up in his approach. It’s admirable that he has decided to eat more healthfully, however, no one likes a dictator. If he chooses to forego dessert and eat bland food, that is his choice. And if your eating habits are causing you to have health issues, he should be concerned. From your letter though, it sounds like you splurge every now and again.

What do you always hear about the best way to approach food? Everything in moderation. You don’t need to necessarily give ice cream up, just have a smaller portion or don’t eat it as often. And I would say that you are smart enough to know where.

You need to address this with him and let him know that you are capable of making your own decisions about what you would like to eat. You don’t need him to inundate you with facts you can clearly read on the label yourself. Maybe there is room to come together on this. Why don’t you start looking up healthy recipes that have some flavor to them? Even plain chicken breast can be good if you season it right. He could stand to eat dessert every now and again and you could probably stand to cut a few calories here and there.

Good luck,

Mary Pat