7 Tips for Cutting Your Food Waste (and saving money)

The average family of four throws away at least $1,300 of food each year, and most of that waste is unnecessary. Here are a few tips to start saving money, and wasting less food from Dean Volenberg, agricultural agent for the UW – Extension, and Jonathan Bloom’s blog at

1. Plan your meals before you grocery shop.

2. Make a detailed shopping list and stick to it!

3. Serve reasonable sized portions.

4. Save your leftovers.

5. Eat those leftovers!

6. Place post-it notes on your food with the price you paid for it written on it. It’s hard to watch dollars rot in the fridge or on your counter

7. Freeze food after cooking if you know you won’t get to it right away.

For more uses for excess food, visit or check out Bloom’s blog,