Article posted Wednesday, July 16, 2014 11:48am

Dear Mary Pat,

Are cell phones really accepted anywhere and everywhere these days? I was shocked at a recent performance by the audacity of a young gal and her telephone. No, she didn’t allow it to ring and interrupt the evening’s lovely entertainment, rather she proceeded to have a loud, one-sided conversation in the restroom during intermission. Not just while standing in line…but while in the stall! Has this really become acceptable bathroom behavior?

New Meaning for Potty Mouth

Fish Creek, WI

Dear New Meaning for Potty Mouth,

Cell phones are convenient, however, we have reached the point as a society when we have lost common sense about cell phone usage. Just because you are physically able to answer your phone doesn’t mean you should, especially in a public restroom! The last thing that someone needs is to overhear a phone conversation in the bathroom. If your phone happens to ring while you are, um, busy, then hit ignore. Unless there is an emergency, you do not need to take the call. And if there is an emergency, you are going to have to finish your business anyway before you would be able to leave said bathroom.

And as far as we are on the subject of inappropriate bathroom behavior, Whoopi Goldberg has a book out in which she describes people asking for her autograph under public restroom stalls. Are you kidding me? It has apparently happened more than once. Completely out of control.

So let’s review, public bathrooms are for taking care of nature’s call, not for having cell phone conversations or asking celebrities for autographs.

Good luck,

Mary Pat