Article posted Wednesday, August 27, 2014 1:46pm

Dear Mary Pat,

My son is about to start kindergarten and I’m so sad. Even though I’ve gone through this with my older two kids, this one seems harder to deal with. He’s my youngest and it seems like he was just born six months ago, not five years ago. He is so excited to start school, but I’m just dreading it. My husband doesn’t quite understand why this is hard. Any tips on how to make this easier?

Kiddie Blues

Sister Bay, WI

Dear Kiddie Blues,

It is understandable that you feel as though time is flying by, since it does. It’s also understandable that you are sad. I’m sure your husband is sympathetic, but maybe try reaching out to some of your mom friends, too. I would bet some of them have had similar emotions. The more you talk about it, the better you’ll hopefully feel. Try keeping an optimistic tone for your son’s sake though. If he sees that you are sad, he might begin to worry. Let him know that he’s about to start an adventure and show him the enthusiasm that the occasion deserves. Take lots of pictures, make a little bit of a fuss over him, put him on the bus/drop him off with a big smile and then let go. You can shed a few tears when he’s out of eyesight if necessary. Plan something special just for yourself on the first day of school such as a massage or meeting good friends for lunch. I’m sure after a couple of days you’ll get used to your new schedule without your little guy underfoot as much.

Good luck,

Mary Pat