Article posted Wednesday, September 17, 2014 9:55pm

Dear Mary Pat,

You know the post office has rules for rural mailboxes. So high off the ground, so many inches from the paved surface, certain size box and numbers displayed properly, etc.

Well, last year my box was knocked over by the snowplow and I later asked the snowplow guy to turn out just a bit as he went by my box so he wouldn’t hit it again. He did, but then I got a note put in the box by the mail delivery person which said that snow must be cleared so that the delivery vehicle could get close to the box. Did you ever try to move snow that’s plowed to the roadside! It’s like concrete.

Anticipating another tough winter, what would you do?

In Violation in Valmy

Dear In Violation in Valmy

1. It is disturbing to even contemplate winter in September since we are all still suffering from the harsh memories of last winter.

2. It is tough to move snow that has been plowed. You can use an ice chipper if necessary. Maybe you are wise to bring the subject up now. If you purchase all the equipment you might need before the first snow flies, the stock supply should be good.

3. You can also look into getting a post office box.

4. Consider moving south for the winter. I know I am.

Good luck,

Mary Pat