Article posted Thursday, March 5, 2015 10:25am

When you’re 135 pounds of beautiful Bullmastiff, the name Max is a natural. Fawn-colored purebred Max was a surrender to the Door County Humane Society when his previous owner was shocked to realize how large an adult Bullmastiff really became. He’s a gentle giant, content to go for long walks and equally long naps. Max has become a bit of a snack seeker; he is always in search of little tidbit that could have dropped to the floor or in the wastebasket. The Bullmastiff breed traits are loyalty, reliability, affection, power and docile affection. Max embodies all these and will be a devoted friend to his new family, as long as the new owners understand they must be the “alpha dogs.” Because of his size, Max should be with adults, not small children whom he could knock down without meaning to be clumsy. He will do best in a home when he is the only pet. The Door County Humane Society, located at 3475 Park Drive (County PD – the road to Potawatomi State Park), Sturgeon Bay, is open for adoption Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon – 4 pm. For more information call 920.746.1111 or visit