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  • Bret Bicoy: Politics and the Shortest Poem in the English Language

    The second shortest poem in the English language according to Bartlett’s Quotations is called, “On the Antiquity of Microbes.” The poem reads, “Adam, had ’em.” I discovered this ridiculously obscure fact when I came across a commencement address given by the legendary boxer and political activist, Muhammad Ali. It was a thoughtful speech about how […]

  • Bret Bicoy: The Village is the Personal

    “It takes a village to raise a child.” That African proverb has been repeated so often that it’s taken as a matter of faith by leaders of all stripes and political persuasions. Yet the truth is that increasingly, too many of our children are not raised by a village. With the best of intentions, we’ve […]

  • Bret Bicoy: Your Generosity is Our Sustainability

    In the physical world, “sustainability” generally refers to the use of resources in such a way that does neither permanent harm to the environment, nor depletes its natural resources. It is a state of ecological balance in which society’s impact on the world does not exceed the ability of nature to regenerate itself. While we […]

  • Bret Bicoy: The Certainty of Hope

    At our community’s recent Celebration of Giving, the Door County Community Foundation recognized Annie and Dick Egan as the 2016 Philanthropists of the Year. Each year, I am humbled to have the opportunity to share a few thoughts about the remarkable people who are given this honor. As I often do when preparing a few […]

  • Bret Bicoy: Go Fraud Me

    A newborn baby in Milwaukee needs a heart transplant so a family “friend” sets up a page on a crowdfunding website to collect donations to help care for the child. Unfortunately, the sick child’s parents had no control over the website and all those contributions made by the community never reach the family. A wife […]

  • Bret Bicoy: When Charity Shouldn’t Act Like a Business

      “Nonprofits should be more like business.” It’s a headline that is increasingly seen atop newspaper editorials and articles in business journals. The concept is simple. If nonprofit organizations would simply act more like for-profit businesses, they’d do a better job serving the community. There is a certain amount of truth to this belief. Indeed, […]

  • Bret Bicoy: Giving Made Easy

    The fastest growing vehicle for philanthropic giving just revved its engine and experienced one of its best years ever.

  • Bret Bicoy: A Nonprofit Horror Story for Halloween

    Imagine making a contribution of $25,000 to your favorite charity only to have the Internal Revenue Service disallow your tax deduction. This nonprofit horror story may sound absurd, but if you’re not careful, it could happen to you. It starts with a nonprofit that you’ve been giving to for many years and know very well. […]

  • Bret Bicoy: How Gender Impacts Charitable Giving

      Charities have long known that women are more likely to contribute than men, but new research has uncovered some remarkable differences when it comes to each gender’s approach to philanthropy. Where Do Men and Women Give? Gender Differences in the Motivations and Purposes for Charitable Giving is a new study that was released in […]

  • Commentary: A Troubling Reliance on Major Donors

    A few months ago I wrote a column (“The Impending Decline in Charitable Giving”) noting that both conservative and liberal economists agree that charitable giving will fall by about five percent as a direct result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018. Although we don’t yet have numbers for the fourth quarter of […]

  • What to Watch in 2019: Celebrate Water Summit

    Celebrate Water Door County will conclude its year of celebration with a three-day summit, June 4-6, 2019, at the Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor. Throughout 2018, groups and organizations have celebrated all things water with gallery shows, performances, concerts and more. During the winter, these celebrations will continue through educational presentations and activities organized in […]

  • Commentary: A Wisconsin Dad

    On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I embarked upon a circle tour of much of the State of Wisconsin. My lovely wife Cari had to work that day thus she dispatched me to fetch our three children from college so they’d all be home for Thanksgiving. The day began early in the morning as I set […]

  • Old Bell Tower Rings Again

    On Tuesday, Nov. 27, at 11:45 am the 117-year-old bell in Sturgeon Bay’s historic Old Bell Tower struck for the first time in nearly a decade, thanks to the Clifford and Clara Herlache Heritage Foundation, a fund of the Door County Community Foundation, Inc. Located at Community Foundation Square, on the corner of Third Ave. […]

  • Aliens Land on Third Avenue: StageKids present ‘The Whaliens’

    This year when the StageKids take the stage for their annual December production at Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP), there will be a notable difference from shows of the past. Instead of angels heralding the Christmas season on stage, aliens will be coming down to Earth and meeting its inhabitants. The change comes thanks to TAP […]

  • Commentary: Bunching Your Charitable Donations

    Charitable giving is going to decline by about five percent as a direct result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that Congress enacted last fall. This is the consensus judgment of both liberal and conservative economists. Incentives matter and the loss of the tax deduction for charitable donations made by 21 million families is […]

  • Commentary: Don’t You Quit

    Sometimes good ideas don’t work out exactly as you planned. That doesn’t necessarily mean you did anything wrong. The world is a dynamic place and it might just be that the path you laid out couldn’t envision every twist and turn along the way. Despite a reasonable roadmap and our very best effort, sometimes we […]

  • Commentary: The Impending Decline in Charitable Giving

    Things are about to get difficult in the charitable world. As a direct result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018, charitable giving is expected to decrease by about five percent. The new tax law enacted by Congress last fall effectively doubles the standard deduction, thereby dramatically reducing the number of taxpayers that […]

  • COMMENTARY: A New Study on Giving in Retirement

    Working with retirees is just part of everyday life for those of us whose business is charity in Door County. Yet there is surprisingly little research on philanthropy in the retirement years. Thankfully, a new study was just released in July that for the first time looked at how charitable giving patterns change as people […]

  • ‘Story Theatre’ at Rogue Theater

    Rogue Theater’s Co-Artistic and Managing Director Stuart Champeau is going back to his roots, bringing the Tony Award-winning Story Theatre show by Paul Sills to the stage. Here you will meet again Henny Penny, the Golden Goose, Venus and the Cat, the Fisherman and His Wife, The Robber Baron, the Bremen Townson Musicians, and other […]

  • Paul Sills’ ‘Story Theatre’

    Rogue Theater’s Co-Artistic and Managing Director Stuart Champeau is going back to his roots, bringing the Tony Award-winning Story Theatre by Paul Sills to the stage, in black box theater style. Audiences will meet Henny Penny, the Golden Goose, Venus and the Cat, the Fisherman and His Wife, The Robber Baron, the Bremen Town Musicians, […]