A Cold Weather Cocktail

“Cream as rich as an Irish brogue

Coffee as strong as a friendly hand

Sugar as sweet as the tongue of a rogue

Whiskey as smooth as the wit of the land”

~ Joe Sheridan, inventor of Irish Coffee


– 35 ml Irish whiskey

– 2 tsp brown sugar

– Freshly brewed coffee

– Fresh cold whipping cream

The first thing you’ll want to do is preheat the glasses with hot water. A short-stemmed whiskey goblet works best. Then brew a fresh pot of coffee. A French press pot is highly recommended but not necessary. Whip up some thick, fresh cream to go on top. Out of a can won’t give you the same effect – you want it just shy of stiff and extra thick.

Empty the hot water out of the glasses and add the whiskey. Quickly add the coffee, which will infuse and distribute the whiskey. Add the brown sugar, and stir until fully dissolved. Fold the cream onto the top of the beverage, gently pouring it over a spoon. It will create wonderful looking layers and a great taste.

Don’t stir! Drink the hot coffee and whiskey through the layer of cold cream. This drink is meant to help the Irish get through their cold winters, but here in Wisconsin, we need a little help too.

The Irish coffee takes some preparation time, and quality ingredients will produce a better end product. So, if you feel like indulging in this treat, buy yourself some high-end whiskey and coffee. Jameson makes a very nice, affordable whiskey, which you can easily find at your local grocery store.