A Detox for Mind, Body and Space

Artwork by John Lancaster.

Ahhh, spring. Even though spring officially began March 20, there is something about the first of April that prompts some serious spring cleaning in my house. Next to New Year’s, there may be no other time of year that nudges us to sweep the dust and clear the excess from both the physical and metaphorical corners of our lives. 

For me, this spring is all about minimizing. Maybe it’s the enormous amount of stuff that seems to find its way into the home when a new baby arrives, or maybe it’s the daily tightrope performance of balancing work, kids and a growing business, or maybe it’s the fact that my husband and I have yet to go through the boxes that moved with us from our previous house, most of which doesn’t fit our current home.

We all have our reasons to declutter, but sometimes the urge to spring clean our lives goes a bit deeper than neatly organized drawers and color-coordinated closets. It’s about cleaning your life: body, mind and space.

During the next several weeks, the Spring Cleaning series will unpack a variety of topics within these three areas, each with the goal of offering ideas and insights about how to reduce or eliminate that which no longer serves us in order to make room for the best life possible.