A Few Tips for Duathlon Spectators

There are many activities to partake of Labor Day weekend, but the annual YMCA Run and Duathlon, scheduled for Saturday, September 4, offers family fun for everyone.

Matt Luders, the Director at the Northern Door Program Center, gives a few tips for spectators:

• The Duathlon starts at 8 am, so the first person will be finishing up a little after nine. 8:15 or 8:30 am would be a great time to arrive, so that as competitors are hopping on their bikes or powering through their last run, they’re receiving words of encouragement.

• The best place to watch the race is behind the YMCA building. You’ll have a great view of the transition area, as well as the start and finish line. Out at the bike course there will be many places to stop and urge on competitors. I’d love to see people bringing inspirational signs, even chalk words directly on the course.

• There will be no parking at the YMCA. Please park at the Gibraltar school parking lot.

• In terms of course etiquette, stay off the road, cheer everyone on and be positive, and respect the traffic laws.

• Once the race is done we’ll have awards, refreshments, and root beer floats right on YMCA property.

(Recycling on September 4 will be held at the Gibraltar Fire Station.) For more information call the Northern Door YMCA at 920.868.3660 or visit