A Fish Creek Fashion Show

Most people don’t think to link “Door County” and “fashion show” in the same sentence, but Brilliant Stranger aimed to turn that notion on it head with its Refab Fashion Show, which was held this past Saturday, July 11. Proceeds from the show went to benefit Luna Café’s Stephanie Burton’s upcoming Habitat for Humanity trip to El Salvador.

Brilliant Stranger is the largest distributor of Refab, a line of men and women’s clothing made of recycled and vintage clothing. Dawn Patel, the woman behind Refab and Brilliant Stranger, was impressed with the turnout of the show.

“It went really well,” she said. “The turnout was great and the everyone looked fantastic.” The show featured many Summer 2009 pieces with a sneak peek at Refab’s fall creations.

Patel shops carefully for vintage and secondhand clothing, looking for pieces that have been lightly or never worn. Some of the vintage pieces are then sold as is, and other pieces are altered, embellished, painted, or printed. When a piece is finished, it bears little resemblance to what it might have been before.

“Our clothing not only enriches the world with artistry and originality, but it also holds social and environmental responsibility,” Patel says. In addition, the pieces Patel constructs are very affordable – showing you can go green without having to pay green.

Patel says she plans to do another fashion show at Brilliant Stranger soon.

“It’s not every day you see a DJ spinning records in Fish Creek,” she laughs. “It adds a little something.”

For more information on Brilliant Stranger or Refab Clothing, call 920.868.3420.