A Hike Around Rock Island


I finally had the chance to get up to Rock Island for a night, camp in the cold, tour a lighthouse and experience the tip of Door County. My verdict: a Rock Island trip is highly recommended whether you go up for the day or a week.

1. There she is! I had a little time to spare before the ferry left, so I walked through Carlin’s Point in Jackson Harbor.


2. Who goes there? After getting off the ferry I saw an Eastern Screech-Owl almost immediately. (It’s that tiny owl-shaped shadow in the tree.)

3. After hiking out to my campsite, I sat on the shore with a book until the sun set. Then, I headed back to the site to start a campfire.


4. Saturday was the big hiking day. I started out early, and made my way around the island. Some highlights: the water tower, cemeteries and a lovely shaded snack and reading stop.

5. I stopped for a break at the Pottawatomie Lighthouse, about halfway around the island, and took a tour. The replica bookcase caught my attention with copies of new books like Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes, and an old copy of Mark Twain short stories.

6. I kept walking, enjoying the sunshine, breeze and trail, until I came full circle to the gate. Then, it was back to camp to pack up my tent and hop back on the Karfi to return to reality.