A look at the world in numbers


Number of members of a 20-member panel selected by Congress to review of U.S. Military planning who are employed by the defense industry

$294.4 billion

The amount the United States spent on defense spending in 2000

$663 billion

The amount budgeted for 2010 (not including the cost of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, airport security, and the Department of Homeland Security)


Percent of Americans who say they plan to travel less this summer than last year (18 percent say they’ll travel more)


Percent drop in convention attendance in Las Vegas in 2009


Percent drop in Las Vegas room rates in 2009


The average daily rate for the hotel industry nationwide


The average daily room rate in Door County in July of 2009 (includes private home and condominium rentals)


Percent of albums available on a digital jukebox that sell at least one song per quarter

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