“A Menagerie of Fashion” at Base Camp Coffee Bar

Sister Bay artist Pipka Ulvilden will display a recently completed series of paintings, “A Menagerie of Fashion,” at Base Camp Coffee Bar through October 15.

Ulvilden is known for her Father Christmas figurines with richly designed clothing, but also directs her eye for fashion onto models wearing high fashion garments in rich colors and patterns. “A Menagerie of Fashion,” was created with acrylic gouche paints and original block prints.

“While scouring magazines for models to use in my works, I noticed how similar the women appeared. It seems the idea of beauty today is pouty lips, sultry eyes and manes of perfect hair. Never mind that many models are adolescents whose twig-like arms poke out of thousand dollar dresses, as they are required to strike sexy poses. Still, they are beautiful in a photo-shopped way and I enjoy painting beautiful things. To add a bit of whimsy to this manufactured idea of beauty I wanted to incorporate animals into my designs, nature’s own unadorned beautiful models,” says Ulvilden.

Base Camp is located below Ecology Sports in Sister Bay.