A Quick Q&A with Eric Lewis

Photo by Dan Eggert.

Q: Where are you right now?

A: Tommy Burroughs, Paul Sowinski and I are in the Virgin Islands. We’ve got gigs every single night…it’s a beach bar owned by Cathy and Allan Braaten on St. John’s Island. It’s very hot, right now. It’s the off-season, so you get some more privacy on the beach. We’re hoping to come back here in the wintertime.

(one moment while Lewis wipes sunscreen off the phone)

Q: What’ve you been up to this summer?

A: I’ve been in the county off and on since June. I played the Summer Concert Series at Woodwalk Gallery and FloydFest in Virginia. That was right before I came to Door County to do the DC Bluegrass camp.

Q: What are you looking forward to, as the summer nears its close?

A: I’m playing a show at the Fishstock Concert Series on September 5 called, “Eric Lewis and Friends.” It’s the final concert of the season and a big finale for me. This is my 12th annual performance.

Q: Sounds like a busy summer! How do you feel?

A: I’ve felt like a freight train. In August alone I’ve had 27 gigs. But it’s been an amazing summer. I hope we’ve got a lot of people at our Labor Day Fishstock concert; it’ll be a good way to wrap up the season. I feel very fortunate, and I want everyone to know how grateful I am.

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