A Road Map for the Future of Baileys Harbor

Baileys Harbor’s town board members have a lot of reading to do. On Monday, they received two versions of the 300-page comprehensive plan that the Baileys Harbor Plan Commission has been writing and reworking meticulously over a two-year span. It would revise and replace the outdated version from 2013.

A recommendation for the town to establish an ordinance for a design-review process is just one suggestion in the plan. A few new features include expressing an overall desire for Baileys Harbor to retain a small-town feel, calling for the town board to pass an ordinance regulating short-term-rental properties and suggestions on green energy use. Plan commission member Paul Salm said creating the short-term-rental verbiage took up probably six months of the writing process.

The commission submitted its final comprehensive plan to the town board, as well as a version of the plan with words in red to show changes to the draft and changes since previous revisions a decade ago.

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