A Room Without Silence

Comedian Gerry Grossman will perform at the Landmark Resort on March 10, along with comedian Cori Healy.

“You’re on,” jokes Jeff Larson, director of marketing and sales at the Landmark Resort, with a comedian during a performance. Every seat in the room shakes as laughter radiates. On March 10, comedians Cori Healy and Gerry Grossman will take the spotlight and center stage.

Healy is in the comic minority and a rare breed of comedian – female. She has traveled throughout the country, having been in the Boston Comedy Festival twice.

“One of my favorite clubs to perform at is the Comedy Club on State [Street] in Madison, Wisconsin,” she said, “And I love performing in Wisconsin.”

During her show, expect original material on a wide range of unusual topics – including cross-dressing Civil War Generals and rats that ride tricycles.

Grossman will deliver a rock and roll, audience involved comedy show. With 40 years of experience, he has never performed the exact same show twice.

Grossman said, “I always enjoy coming to the Landmark. I believe that the show is the most fun you can have with your pants on and it’s still a pleasure to do it!”

Not only will your stomach hurt from laughing but it’ll also be filled with delicious food. Enjoy a buffet diner that includes dessert and two comedians all for just $20.99 during Landmark’s Comedy Club – where even the waitresses, Nancy and Jenny, have jokes to tell.

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