A Run in the Park…No Matter What: Door County Half Marathon is Here

In the middle of April, the snows of spring came. They always do in Door County, but this was different. 

Eight to twelve inches. No, 10 to 16 inches. Strike that, could be 20 inches.

Or it could just be rain. 

With the ice of this long winter still on the course, we hoped for rain. We got snow. We got more snow than we’ve ever seen in a single storm. The forecasts, it turned out, undersold it. We got 30 inches in Door County over four days, and as the snow fell, the questions came.

“Is the Door County Half Marathon still on?”

Our answer? Of course it is. We called in the plows, readied our shovels and our ice scrapers, and made plans to work. How could we not?

How could we not when more than 2,600 runners have put in their miles. Through the snow and cold and ice. Through the wind and the rain of a long midwestern winter. Through the doubts and the injuries. All looking to May 5, to a day when winter’s grip would finally loosen, and the warmth of spring would return for real.

Looking forward to a day when we gather at the starting line, nervous and excited, buoyed by the camaraderie that only runners taking on a challenge that once seemed impossible can bring. 

No, canceling was not an option. At least not because of a little snow. Eleven years in, this race is now a sign of spring in Door County. The start of a new season, new hopes, new friendships. 

And in Peninsula State Park May 5, beneath the canopy and along this shoreline, it’s the start of a race in a beautiful, revered place. Thank you runners for joining us and trusting us to be ready for you, and thank you to Door County for the support that makes it all possible. 

David Eliot
Co-Founder, Door County Half Marathon
Publisher, Peninsula Pulse


Door County Half Marathon and Nicolet Bay 5k
Date: May 5
When:  Half Marathon starts at 10 am, 5k at 10:15 am
Where: Nicolet Bay, Peninsula State Park
Packet Pickup:  Ephraim Village Hall, May 4, 1 – 9 pm

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